Watching boys do stuff

A few days ago I reviewed Claire Vaye Watkins’ Gold Fame Citrus.

Well she’s also written an excellent essay called “On Pandering”, about sexism and misogyny in the writing world and the way in which she – and presumably other female writers – have unconsciously pandered to the publishing patriarchy.

It may sound like a bore or a chore but trust me, it’s a fantastic piece: full of anger and caustic wit and some damn fine writing.

“Myself, I have been writing to impress old white men. Countless decisions I’ve made about what to write and how to write it have been in acquiescence to the opinions of the white male literati. Not only acquiescence but a beseeching, approval seeking, people pleasing,” she writes.

“I wanted to write something Cormac McCarthy would like, something Thomas Pynchon would come out of hiding to endorse, something David Foster Wallace would blurb from beyond the grave.”

You can find it here:


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