Give me back my bookshop

Far be it from me to bemoan the infantalisation of Western culture – I spend an inordinate amount of time playing video games and watching superhero spectacles after all.

But what the hell? Adult colouring books.

This is a picture of my nearest bookstore, a Dymocks that once had a decent enough range.

A few months ago, this section was literary fiction – now it’s colouring books.

The literary fiction section has been pushed deeper into the store – and has halved in size.

Now I honestly have nothing against colouring books – if people like it, go for it. I’d argue they’re products better suited to a newsagent or a Kmart but I also understand the economic imperative for bookstores to stay up with the latest trends and bring people through the doors.

But why was serious literature the first domino to fall?

Why does this passing fad – and that’s exactly what it will prove to be – have to come at the expense of committed readers like me who spend thousands of dollars on books every year? Why are book chains so intent on pushing people like me – people who intend to spend money on physical books for decades to come – into the arms of independent bookstores and online stores?

Give me back my bookstore Dymocks.


Author: adamgartrell

Political journalist drowning in books

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