This guy is putting me to shame

A book a week suddenly doesn’t seem so impressive.

This guy is Michael Orthofer, an Austrian who lives in New York. He runs a book blog I’ve recently discovered called The Literary Saloon, an offshoot of his website The Complete Review.  He reads and reviews about 230 books a year – that’s four and a half books a week.

It’s an hilariously lo-fi site that clearly hasn’t been changed much since Orthofer launched it in 1999. But the content is excellent.

Orthofer has eclectic tastes with a major focus on international literature that so many Australian, American and British book reviewers overlook. He’s published almost 4000 reviews over the last 16 years.

And his reviews are lengthy and thorough, not like my little bite-sized offerings.

So, if I was to read 230 books a year until I reach average life expectancy age of 80 in 47 years, I’ll get to read more than 10,000 more books before I die.

Now we’re talking.

Here’s the website

And here’s a great little New Yorker article about Orthofer

Author: adamgartrell

Political journalist drowning in books

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