Book 46: Our Souls at Night by Kent Haruf

Elderly widow Addie approaches her widower neighbour Louis with a proposition: would you like to come to my room and sleep with me?

It’s not sex on offer, at least not at first: just conversation and companionship, a warm body to fend off the loneliness of old age.

Of course, everyone else in their small town assumes otherwise and is totally scandalised. Why can’t two consenting adults do whatever they want and be happy without judgement and censure?

Kent Haruf wrote Our Souls at Night as he was dying; he passed, in fact, just days after finishing it. Unsurprisingly then it’s about love and ageing and mortality and packs an incredible emotional punch. It’s gentle and beautiful, heartwarming and devastating, and you should read it.

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Author: adamgartrell

Political journalist drowning in books

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