Book 47: Before The Fall by Noah Hawley

A private plane takes off from Martha’s Vineyard with eleven souls on board. Eighteen minutes later it crashes into the sea, killing all but two of them: a washed-up artist and a four-year-old boy. 

It’s a miracle tale of survival. But for the modern, partisan media that’s not good enough. They want conspiracy, betrayal, intrigue – so that’s what they create. Among the dead are a media millionaire who runs a Fox News-style cable station; a wealthy Wall Street guy with a secret; a former Mossad agent. So was the plane brought down by terrorists? Someone who stood to gain financially?

Before the Fall is a good little mystery novel from the creator of the great Fargo TV series. It’s a book with plenty to say about modern existence, wealth and the media but at root it’s a page-turner: I couldn’t stop until I found out why that damn plane came down.

The answers when they come are surprisingly prosaic – and a little disappointing – but along the way you get to spend time with some characters that have much more depth and pathos than those that populate your typical thriller.

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Author: adamgartrell

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2 thoughts on “Book 47: Before The Fall by Noah Hawley”

  1. I read this book because the NYT said it was one of the best of 2016. Decent plot, interesting characters, nice pace. But I found some of it over the top. Why did the Israeli bodyguard have to be so James Bond-like? And the TV host as the personification of everything we hate about about cable news?

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    1. Yeah, the TV host in particular was way OTT, and his motivations were muddled. Once upon a time it was bankers and stockbrokers who personified untrustworthy white privilege in fiction – nowadays it’s often us newsmen, sadly


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