Book 14: A Separation by Katie Kitamura

Isabella travels to Greece to find her husband, Christopher, who may or may not have gone missing while researching his next book. But what their concerned family and friends don’t know is Isabella and Christopher actually separated six months earlier but agreed to keep it secret.

Yes, it’s another marriage-in-crisis novel; or, more accurately, a marriage-post-crisis novel. There’s no shortage of such tales in modern literature so you’ve got to do it pretty damn well to stand out.

Katie Kitamura is a fine writer but based on this book, not a particularly compelling storyteller. This is a book based on a mystery that doesn’t deepen so much as dissipate, leaving us with little but Isabella’s internal musings on sex and relationships. And even in this realm, the book is not nearly as insightful as it thinks it is.

Comparisons to Gone Girl are just nonsensical. Despite the premise this is a sober literary book, not a thriller. But it doesn’t really work a single either.

For a great modern marriage book, read Fates and Furies instead.




Author: adamgartrell

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