Book 27: The Pleasures of Leisure by Robert Dessaix

Yes, I’m searching for some philosophical validation for the hours I spend doing things that are not particularly productive: reading, watching movies, playing games, spinning the black circle.

Why do so many of us feel anxious doing the things we enjoy? Why can’t we allow ourselves free time? Not just free from the toil of our jobs, but free from guilt, free from the sense that we’re doing something wrong, that lesiure time is wasted time.  And why, given all the modern advances in technology and productivity, do we have so damn little of it? Why do we work ever harder to amass material wealth we have no time to appreciate?

Channelling the likes of pop-philosopher Alain de Botton, Australian author and thinker Robert Dessaix delivers a thoughtful, conversational defence of our unproductive time.

It’s more than just good for us, replenishing and rejuvenating: it’s our right as sovereign beings, the way in which we  fight back against the servitude of modern capitalism.

A fine little book.



Author: adamgartrell

Political journalist drowning in books

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